A mobile solution for automating sales agents, merchandisers, and other field staff processes

Why You Need a Mobile App

Mobile apps for sales agents help to significantly reduce some business costs:

You no longer need to overstaff your company with reps for processing your agents' requests

No need to spend budget on expensive equipment

Less office days, more 'field work'

Managers get more tools for time tracking

Mobile App Advantages

No App
  • Human errors
  • Too many representatives
  • No control over staff movement
  • Employees having no up-to-date debt and balance details
  • Too much paperwork
  • Forwarding requests and orders to the office accurately and promptly
  • Removing unnecessary links of the chain
  • Reducing routine work
  • Controlling staff movements with GPS
  • All relevant details on the palm of your hand
  • No hard copies, photos, or calls

Implementation Scenarios

Create Your Orders Quickly

With an intuitive and user friendly interface, you can create orders with minimum effort involved. This saves both your employees' and your trade rep's time

Showcase Your Items

Use the app as your merchandise catalog. Classify your items by categories and sub-categories, which helps a lot when the item list is really long


EdiAgent can be integrated with 1С 7.7, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, as well as with Navision, Axapta, Turbo 9 and virtually any other accounting systems. Leverage data consolidation features while still working within your preferred environment

Photo Reports

Use your device camera to record that quickly create and send field reports. All photos go into an appropriate category automatically, so you don't need to manually attach them to the reports

Report Building

With EdiAgent, your sales agents have more time to work with customers. This is achieved by building the reports directly on a mobile device

Running Surveys

Gone are the days when you had to process hard copy surveys manually! Now, you can run surveys directly within the app and tailor them to your needs, such as adding more fields and questions in any format

Instant Messages

Send important and urgent notifications to your employees directly with EdiAgent

GPS Monitoring

Monitor task progress in real time. Get the distance traveled by a sales agent or locations visited within a few clicks

Flexible Discounting Tool

Use our handy tools to manage personal discounts, extra charges, and promotions

Automatic Updates

All updates run automatically, with no need to engage IT specialists

All updates are free of charge

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