About Us

Mission Edisoft - Digital Business Transformation. We are sure that nothing integrates the global world, like technology. For 20 years, Edisoft has been digitizing processes between business partners, working with global corporations and with local businesses.

Our ecosystem helps to digitize and synchronize work with data at all stages of the supply chain: from procurement and b2b sales to logistics and cash flow management.

Edisoft solutions suitable for industrial and transport companies, retail chains, distributors, financial organizations, telecoms and government agencies.

Our Story


December 8, 1999, is considered the official date of Edisoft inception. On this day, we signed an agreement with Estonia Customs Department regarding Automated Systems for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) support.


Edisoft starts managing projects on implementing and supporting online customs declaration services. This becomes our top priority. Edisoft experts do training for customs agents. At the same time, we start developing and supporting our own business apps for logistic companies.


Edisoft develops and delivers system integration projects. We get much experience in various API integration and multiple data formats. Edisoft offices are opened in the EU.


Upon active expansion to the EU and increasing our customer base to 1,000 companies, Edisoft starts conquering the CIS market by opening a local office there.


Edisoft conducts logistic projects in the EU and the CIS. With bulk EDI connection, more and more CIS-based companies get access to EDI services


Edisoft implements projects for the introduction of electronic invoices in large retail chains in Eastern Europe. Legally significant electronic document management is becoming a priority for the company.


The company opens two more local offices in the CIS and gets the official GDSN provider status. MasterData service becomes officially certified by GS1.


CorePlat alpha and beta versions are released, designed to replace the previous version of the EDI platform.

LinkServer integration system is being developed. This platform will enable internal and external EDI automation, as well as speed up the e‑doc signing process like never before.


The multi-factoring platform FactorPlat enters the market. The solution becomes the first and only in Russia.


FactorPlat, a multibank factoring platform for supporting three-party transactions based on legally valid e‑docs, comes to the market. This becomes one of the first such solutions in the CIS and the EU.


FactorPlat runs a series of successful tests and is released to the public. A number of transaction networks, factoring companies, and banks start using this platform.

Edisoft Systems has become one of the fastest growing companies in Lithuania.


LinkServer integration system becomes available in the form of several specialized assemblies — the base for a wide range of customers, for holding companies.

A large-scale partnership program has been launched to promote the company`s products and services in various countries.


Edisoft launches EdiCourier delivery automation solution.

Partnership with Yandex and SAP.

The company begins integrated digitalization of its customers' business processes based on the capabilities of the CorePlat cloud platform and the LinkServer integration system.

Big World. One Team

Edisoft brings together more than 300 people - developers, business analysts, experts and specialists in the field of digital transformations.

Our offices and partners are present in Eastern Europe, Baltic States, North America, Asia, and Middle East.

8,000 Customers Worldwide Use Our Solutions

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