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About CorePlat

CorePlat is a platform for digitalization of data and document exchange. It provides electronic interaction with business partners.

CorePlat contains tools for creating, signing, verifying, reconciling, transforming, routing, sending, archiving documents in electronic form. Suitable for procurement, logistics, accounting, treasury, HR, and commercial services. Helps to automate business processes, reduce human errors and operating costs.

CorePlat supports 100 types of documents - from international standards (EANCOM) to regional (Russia, Baltic States, CIS) and individual client documents. Any EDI messages, notifications, contracts, agreements, waybills, invoices, acts of work done, and services rendered.

Why Ediweb

Made in Russia

Everything is based on open source technologies. Processing, development, and support - all in Russia.

Profitable terms

Without confusing conditions and pitfalls. Everything is open and transparent. Pay for documents only.

Proven in practice

It is based on long-standing user experience from the largest companies in Russia.

Features constructor

Based on the platform modules, you can quickly launch your business applications and solutions.

Platform as a Service

EDI and E-Docflow

Digitize your business processes and data.

Any types of documents and EDI messages. Easily switch to e-document management inside your company, with your suppliers, customers or B2B buyers.

Full legal significance. You will be fully protected by law and able to safely abandon paper counterparts.

Access to the network of corporate users. The largest retailers, distributors, manufacturers, banks, logistics companies are already working with us. You can quickly set up data exchange with them in a new format.

Application Tools

Use the features of the CorePlat platform to flexibly adapt your business processes.

Matching and validation. CorePlat keeps your business data and documents immutable. Eliminates risks of duplication and information loss, reduces errors when working with large volumes of files.

Document transformation. Convert document formats according to predefined logic, save yourself from manual data entry into your systems.

Role models and routing. Customize user access levels for certain platform features. Create routes to pass documents for signing and verification within your company.

Connection options

How to get started

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The software is distributed as an Internet service; no special steps are required to install the software on the user's side.

CorePlat Modules: foundation for your business decisions

CorePlat can be a builder platform to create your own enterprise services and applications. Use ready-made frameworks and modules that adapt to any tasks and conditions as flexibly as possible.

Sourcing: Counterparties and contracts

The module automates pre-contract upstream processes and reduces labor costs for interaction with potential partners, thus transferring them into digital format.

Contract Management. Create and sign documents paperless.
Onboarding for business partners. Quick connection to EDI services.
Price matching and synchronization. Managing product catalogs and categories.

Procurement: Purchasing management

The module ensures the progress of downstream processes in procurement post-contract. Allows you to automate direct or non-commercial purchases from numerous suppliers.

Procurement portal. Launch of an enterprise solution to work with suppliers.
Digital marketplace. Order and goods management.
KYC, procurement monitoring and analysis. Big data processing for decision making.

Logistics: Cargo transportation automation

The module automates communication among shippers, consignees, and transport/logistics companies. Simplifies by sharing logistics documents electronically.

Electronic shipping documents. Creating, signing, processing e-waybills.
Logistics platform. Launch of a corporate solution for working with cargo transportation.
Mobile applications for drivers. Tasks, routes, and delivery control.

Docs: Electronic document management

The module provides the exchange of e-documents and EDI-messages with the preservation of legal significance. It speeds up work with orders, shipments, acceptance and inventory, reduces errors.

EDI and E-Docs processing. Any formats of electronic documents and their transformation.
Multiprovider and roaming. Document flow management from a single window.
Electronic signing. Process logic management and automation.

Financing: Funding and payment

Automates supply chain finance management with blockchain technology and paperless data exchange. Helps to reduce routine actions, speed up payments.

Supply Chain Finance. EDI-based factoring management.
Payment factory. Automating treasury operations in a corporation.
Invoice discounting. Managing the terms of trade credits and reducing receivables.

What does CorePlat implementation and development look like?

We will quickly dive into your tasks and offer a solution that will best suit your needs. Instead of long-term development, you will get the result in a few weeks or months.

A dedicated team of our specialists will replace a full-fledged IT department on the project. We will track the development time and costs. We fix all of this in the contract.

Studying the task, preparing the project and custom scripts.

Developing the client and server parts. Forming the architecture.

Testing the solution, after which we launch it in production.

Providing full post-project support, updates, and scaling.

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