A unified multibank factoring platform for supply chain financing based on legally valid EDI


FactorPlat is an online multibank factoring platform. All transactions are run based on e-docs certified by e-signatures, while all delivery operations are checked and verified automatically.

FactorPlat gives you an easy and secure access to e-factoring, allow you to reduce costs, increase your turnover, and boost your business revenue.

User Friendly Interface

A simple and intuitive interface allows you to access Factor Plat from any device

Safe and Secure

Leverage the sophisticated access rights and restriction system by granting granular access to specific employees

Professional Support

Our dedicated customer support works 24/7, with special premium packages available

Automated Onboarding Process

Onboard your partners and customers without involving IT experts or contacting Edisoft

Powerful Integration Options

Make use of 70+ channels and interfaces for receiving and sending your data


FactorPlat enables delivery chain transparency, making the transactions between entities safe and secure. Thus, you as an agent can eliminate commercial risks, which otherwise are inevitable in case the EDI is not involved.

  • No commissions paid to debtors
  • Easily land your clients to factoring services
  • Automatically gather info on your vendors
  • Safeguard against fake docs and fraud
  • Enable three-party checks between you as an agent, your agent, and your customer/debtor
  • Reduce costs on document processing drastically
  • Get an additional way to defend against lawsuits and legal actions

FactorPlat enables extending deadline on inventory loans and payment period, while also simplifying the document flow by making it electronic.

  • Make quick decisions
  • Reduce your 'paper flow' and labor effort
  • Work with vendors, agents, and EDI providers through a single pane of glass
  • Automatically control your financial transactions
  • Manage your deliveries, monitor the clearing process, and leverage payment reports
  • Supports such EDI formats as ORDER, ORDSP, DESADV, RECADV, etc, as well as legally valid EDI

FactorPlat allows vendors to get offers from multiple banks and factoring companies and pick only those ones with most suitable conditions. With FactorPlat, you can top up your working capital faster, while also speeding up your turnover.

  • Customized financing conditions depending on your business needs
  • Get cash quickly
  • Real time control over your factoring deals
  • Get your financing based on e-docs on the day of shipment
  • Reduce costs by leveraging EDI
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