Enabling internal document flow within a company

Why You Need It

With ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions developed by Edisoft, you can fully automate data exchange in your company on both employee and department levels, as well as enhance control, build a powerful document approval system, and reduce operational costs.

How It Works

Using ECM solutions, you can unify and sync information flows coming from ERP, CRM, internal portals, archives, ECM, and scan stations, while your employees will be still working with the interface they've already got used to.

Edisoft offers comprehensive ECM system implementation and configuration service. By using independent components, we can build a solution tailored to your needs, customizing it seamlessly for new demands and tasks, if required.

Key Advantages

  • Integrate ECM with any accounting systems and data sources
  • Configure business processes through EDI
  • Highly customizable
  • Train your employees to further maintain the system
  • A reliable e-archive with a handy search feature
  • Use your mobile device to manage internal docs and data
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