E-data interchange automation services

Why You Need It

Integrating a company's accounting system with an e-data interchange platform suits companies with a monthly document traffic of over 100 items.

Edisoft solutions help fully automate data exchange between accounting systems and ERP agents (1C, SAP, ORACLE, and more), as well as automatically upload and download info.

How It Works

Integration solutions include tools and services to connect EDI providers, agents, and various apps. These services enable working with EDI messages, legally valid docs, encryption, and tax standards.

Automation eliminates human error risks when providing the data, reduces labor costs, and enables processing docs on a package basis, as well as e-signing them.

Key Advantages

  • Send and accept any EDI messages and legally valid docs
  • Configure various business processes
  • Fully customized platform components according your needs and requirements
  • Enable integration with any ERP systems and EDI providers
  • A reliable e-archive with a handy search feature
  • Work with multiple accounts created for various entities within the company through a single pane of glass
  • Process, generate and sign tech statuses automatically
  • Automatic document checks
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