E-doc storing, processing, and analysis solution

Why You Need It

With growing doc flow needs, many companies have to find a doc storing solution that would take as few resources as possible, while being reliable and handy.

There's no hard copy archive that could be a match to an electronic one. E-Archive takes document processing to a whole new level. With this innovative platform, you're fully protected against any info loss or damage risks, and can promptly respond to any regulatory authorities' requests they may have from time to time.

How It Works

E-Archive is more than just an e-doc storage solution; this is also a tool to process and structure your e-docs, which will help you make the most of your archive. With E-Archive, you can get any info you need in just a few clicks and submit all supporting docs upon regulatory authorities' requests in a timely manner.

E-Archive automatically downloads and stores invoices and all related receipts. The platform works fast and is fully reliable, as it's backed by a powerful Tier 3 data center with high availability hardware and software, which is protected from any threat, such as fire, flood, power outage, hacking, and unauthorized access. You can access your archive any time from anywhere in the world, all you need is just a stable internet connection.

Key Advantages

  • Access E-Archive using its intuitive and straightforward user interface
  • Leverage flexible doc search with multiple options
  • Download invoices
  • Make use of a fully protected data center that guarantees safety and security of your info
  • Sort, filter, and compare registries
  • Customize the solution, tailoring it to your needs
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