E-doc approval and sending solution

Why You Need It

Every single day, suppliers and buyers make thousands of transactions, which involves signing agreements, delivering goods, and sending documents. This process could take as little time as a couple of minutes, and yet it may last for weeks, as numerous accounting team members have to manually examine hard copy docs. There's also a high risk of any of these docs being lost or forged. Finally, overstaffing leads to more costs. You can avoid all these issues, though.

How It Works

E-Invoicing is a cloud-based service offered by Edisoft, which enables approving and sending e-docs, such as waybills, invoices, and agreements. With E-Invoicing, multiple partners can connect to the EDI service at the same time. The unified platform and strict standards keep everything centralized, with no need to customize it for each transaction party.

E-Invoicing suits both small companies with not too many docs to send and large enterprises with heavy doc flow. This versatility is enabled by flexible access options: both through web interface and company's accounting system integration.

All docs can be e-signed, which makes them legally valid. As a trusted e-doc interchange provider, Edisoft guarantees utmost security and safety.

Key Advantages

  • Reduce costs on storing, printing and sending your docs
  • Boost your accounting team performance and optimize your human resources
  • Reduce time spent on processing your docs
  • Ensure your EDI system is fully accessible and reliable
  • Send and deliver your docs to your partners swiftly
  • Reduce tax risks
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