Automate your payment processing center by optimizing payments, cost planning, approval processes, analytics, invoices, and more

Why You Need It

Large businesses and holdings that include multiple entities often face invoice and payment management issues. To effectively plan, control, and manage your payments, you need a set of easy-to-use tools with flexible options that will allow you to support complex processes and multi-tier approval.

How It Works

E-Payment is a solution based on EDI technologies, where you automate your payment center by converting your paper flow into e-doc flow and using purpose-designed tools for payments, approvals, cost planning, analytics, and invoice management.

Key Advantages

MultiBank enables working with multiple banks in a 'single pane of glass'. Your financial officers can directly manage your subsidiary companies' invoices and send all payments to the respective banks, regardless of which subsidiary such a payment refers to.

With Cash Planning, you can easily plan your company's cash flow, as well as approve budgets and directly pay the invoices. For your convenience, this tool is organized in the form of a payment schedule, while it also has some options to manage agreements, such as agreement approval and budget control options.

Cash Management helps you identify which invoices are payable and which not. Additionally, Cash Management enables all subsidiary cash flow control and monitoring, both based on budget and on multiple analytical parameters.

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