Automating e-commerce platform working process

Why You Need It

Working with e-commerce platforms requires a lot of routine actions, such as submitting bids, conducting the bidding process, and approving documents. Most of the bids and other data are consolidated into XLS spreadsheets. This takes a lot of company's resources, as employees have to spend their time on getting the docs ready.

E-Tenderinghelps you automate your workflow while dealing with an e-commerce platform, as it integrates your company's accounting system into such a platform. Once it's done, you will no longer need to do all those routine tasks manually, as E-Tendering will be automating document processing.

How It Works

What we offer is integrating the procurement team's 'work book' into a handy solution that will enable you to easily place bids, while automating feedback collection.

By reducing the work effort involved, you will not only reduce costs, but also gain an advantage over your competition, as you will speed up the process and make it free from human errors by automating your procurement system.

The integration part is run with LinkServer by Edisoft. As soon as you've got a winning bidder, LinkServer will start helping you to approve and then sign the supply agreement. This is done fully online using the e-sign feature, which means you can sign the docs anywhere in the world, as the only thing you need is internet access.

With E-Tendering, you can promptly make your online order and get all the closing documents you need. LinkServer will automatically upload those docs into your company accounting system.

Key Advantages

  • Leverage a handy tool to collect, consolidate, or break down the procurement bids upon providing info on goods and services
  • Seamlessly confirm and approve your supply agreement
  • Conduct online auction on e-commerce platforms
  • Get automated legally valid e-doc interchange (way bills, tax invoices, etc)
  • Run automated EDI processes to submit orders and get response
  • Send all data to register your transactions
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