A solution for your key data management

Why You Need It

MasterData Management is a solution for managing your key business data, also called master data.

With MasterData Management, you can easily gather information on your business activities, such as your products, services, technologies, logistics, customers, agents, staff, and marketing activities.

MasterData Management enables creating a multi-industry e-data catalog, as well as sync service used both in-house and when working with business partners. With MasterData Management, you can manage and clear your key data, while influencing their quality and life cycle.

How It Works

In many companies, product portfolios include thousands or even tens of thousands of items. Keeping such a long list updated is not an easy task, while informing all supply chain members of any changes can be merely impossible.

MasterData Management gives you an access to a single trusted data source, where the information is complete, reliable, and up-to-date at all times. As a leading EDI service provider, Edisoft helps its customers enable centralized data collection and processing.

MasterData Management unifies data coming from various sources, such as GTIN/EAN or SAP codes, and syncs them. It also supports bar codes, RFID, and e-signatures, and is fully compliant with the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) Standard.

With MasterData Management, you can easily include new information when the company releases new products or partners new suppliers, while also centralizing any changes in master data, such as adding attributes.

Additional Tools

MasterData Management works beyond storing and transferring product info by means of these additional tools:


With this tool, you as a vendor can provide your corporate customers with info on your new products and services.

In a nutshell, this enables advertising products right to the target audience. From the buyer's side, you can navigate through an easy-to-use interface to search the item you need, filtering the conditions by category or any other feature, such as 'milk', '2.5% fat', '36.5 oz carton', 'best before: in 5 days', etc.

No need to spend hours navigating through vendor websites or making lengthy phone calls. With MasterData Management, you can find your product and purchase it right away!


In most cases, when signing a supply agreement, both the supplier and the buyer agree on a product grid, which includes all products to be supplied within the agreement, as well as the prices for all those products.

However, by the time the product is physically delivered, its price may have been changed. There may be a number of reasons for that, including the supplier increasing the price because of raw materials appreciation. In this case, the party have to agree on discounted prices on certain items. This is the time when syncing the current prices from both the supplier's and the buyer's side becomes critical.

In case of hard copy agreement, the parties have to sign it all over again when any price changes. Conversely, if it is an e-doc, everything is done online and in real time. Once the parties have agreed on price, the doc is e-signed, while it is still fully valid and can be reviewed in trials in case any disputes arise.

Key Advantages

  • Get direct access to a single source containing all product features and descriptions
  • Easily find new suppliers and quickly fill your product range
  • Get all info updated in real time
  • Agree on prices using e-docs, while monitoring all discounted prices automatically
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