Connect EDI and E-Docflow for 0 rubles

Work with documents in your accounting system or in the web portal of the CorePlat

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How much is it

We have no hidden fees or confusing terms. Use the "Prepaid" tariff to pay only for the submitted documents or "Postpaid" if you do not know the exact volume of future deliveries.

We will make a discount and offer individual conditions if you have a lot of traffic.

Connecting to the platform 0 ₽
Tariff change 0 ₽
Connecting additional counterparties 0 ₽
Storing documents in electronic archive 0 ₽
Basic technical support 0 ₽
Instructions and access to the Knowledge Base 0 ₽

Direct connection to retailers

Web Portal

Via web-account

Quick connection. Sending, receiving, and processing e-documents with the cloud.

If you have less than 100 orders per month

Integration with ERP

Maximum automation and workflow acceleration. Work in the interface of your accounting system.

If you have more than 100 orders per month

Why Ediweb?

Native platform

We develop our own products

Easy to integrate

Ready-made connectors for communication 1C and SAP

Unified tariffs

The same conditions for working with all counterparties

Personal support

We'll provide a personal manager upon request

Any EDI messages

Data sharing throughout the supply chain

Full Security

We use secure data centers

Full certification

Status of a trusted EDI operator of the Federal Tax Service of Russia


Modules for combining electronic docflows