Single App

Replacing numerous papers and catalogs, messengers and programs


Tasking and routing

1 minute

Collection and forwarding of data on each spot


More customer visits and spots


EdiAgent is an app to manage mobile staff: sales agents, merchandisers, and servicemen. Set tasks and monitor their implementation, track customer visits and improve work efficiency.

Build optimal routes, monitor status of stores and customer base, use photo reports, automate order collection and transfer to the office, collect detailed analytics.

EdiAgent is an Android application for employees and a web cabinet for managers. Integratable with ERPs and sales portals.

Any field teams

Easily control and manage all of your field workers

Integration Tools

Sending orders, reports, and data to corporate systems

Fraud Protection

Data security with no chance of falsification

Quick implementation

Ready-made application, flexibly adaptable to your business

Caring support

We train users and solve any questions or problems

Regular updates

New functions for all business users of the app

Anything mobile staff needs in one single solution

Personnel management and analytics collection

  • Planning and monitoring KPI implementation
  • Managing areas designated to mobile staff
  • Assigning agents to warehouses and customers
  • Instant agent tasking and messaging
  • Document constructor and ready-made templates
  • Browsing locations and visit history
  • Routes for the day
  • Creating scenarios and regular events
  • Making checklists for employees
  • Statistics on orders, returns, and sales

Visit and showcase control

  • Automatic routing
  • GPS movement control
  • Check-ins at shift start/end
  • Daily tasks on spots
  • Planogram management
  • Checklists to assess the state of spots
  • Spot visit reports
  • Control of inventory balances
  • Capturing coordinates when photographing
  • Working offline

Increasing sales and customer base development

  • Van Selling Mode
  • Digital catalog synchronized with ERP
  • Goods matrix management
  • Individual discounts and conditions
  • Automatic order transfer to office
  • History of customer interactions
  • Creation of territorial categories
  • Accounts receivable control
  • Document constructor and ready-made templates
  • Questionnaires, reports, surveys, and analytics

Integration and support

EdiAgent can be integrated with 1C, Navision, Axapta, Turbo 9 and any other enterprise accounting systems. The application can be customized to your specifics and business features.

We will train your employees to work with application and provide individual support, if necessary.

EdiAgent users

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