About Solution

You can automatically upload and download data, eliminate manual information entry, reduce costs of 1C revision, while maintaining official support for the ERP configuration.

The module monitors the document status and writes user's work log into event log.

Minimum implementation settings

No need to duplicate work in 1C and on the provider's platform

No additional user training required

Module functions as external processing


  • Receiving orders and processing deliveries in familiar 1C interface
  • Electronic signing directly in the system
  • Document status tracking (received, read, signed, etc.)
  • Sending documents immediately from 1C and accounting for data coming into the system

1C-module helps to simplify document management


Labor costs for data entry into the platform, manual entry errors

Lack of single window for signing and document management in various systems

Real-time document status tracking and human errors

Delays in payments from counterparties, risk of cash gaps


Quickly upload documents into the format required and send them to the platform

Document management and EDI in a single window

Digitalization of docflow

Instant arrival of invoices and acts into counterparty systems

We make life easier for your company departments



Invoices and other documents are automatically transferred into the system without discrepancies. An operator does not need to work manually, transferring data between 1C directories and documents on the web platform. The time for processing documents is reduced by up to 80%. You work with documents with one button or, conversely, dividing the process into several stages.


Financial Department

Exchange of electronic documents among your business and contractors takes minutes. Reduce paper costs, tax penalties, document storage, and more. It is not required to spend money on staff training - all work takes place in the usual 1C programs.


IT Management

Thanks to flexible module settings that do not affect the main program code, all personal settings are saved after updates.

How to integrate the module

Connecting to the Edisoft platform

Evaluating the integration module compatibility with 1C version

Module implementation and testing

Transferring instructions to users and transitioning to EDI in 1C


1C module

1C: Enterprise 8.3 and higher of the following configurations:

• 1C: Trade management 11.4
• 1C: Integrated automation 2.4
• 1C: Enterprise Accounting 3.0
• 1C: Manufacturing enterprise management 1.3.113

The initial setup wizard will help you deploy your solution

Modular structure allows you not to use unnecessary functionality

Automatic update of basic functionality from the server

Automatic update of basic functionality from the server

Self installation

We give distribution kits and necessary instructions for installing our 1C module by your specialists.



Remote assistance of our specialist

We advise on setup and operation, provide testing, conduct a remote connection, and give the necessary instructions. We provide a specialist to assist in setting up the module (up to 4 hours of work).


Upon request

Implementation of a turnkey module

We deploy and configure the module according to your request. We do work remotely on your productive or test base. In case of significant configuration deviations, we will adapt the module to your needs.


Upon request

Join the Ediweb B2B Ecosystem

Ediweb is a trusted EDI operator of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. More than 65,000 corporate users and 9,000 client companies. We work with the largest retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. To configure the module, connect to our CorePlat platform.

Made integration with 1C for customers