Organize your data

Deploy our solution as a centralized master data management system and we will help you synchronize your customer and product data.

The system collects data, compares it in accordance with certain rules, and fixes the links between them. It acts as a central hub and aligns information with other systems.

Why does your business need it


Eliminate data conflicts

The solution helps to standardize data and manage it centrally. Any new data is automatically transferred to the master data system, verified against the master data, and later distributed to different systems.


Automate product data exchange

Master data is reconciled with an international GDSN standard so that suppliers can electronically update product information in the global network, and you can quickly track changes in prices and product lines.


Get precise data to analyze

The solution helps to quickly collect, generalize, analyze data from different systems and build dependencies among them. Accurate data will help you make informed decisions faster.


Reduce data entry and update costs

The solution speeds up the placement of new commodity items. Automatically checks and distributes product data to other systems. Eliminates the manual labor in error correction and data validation.

Master data management made easy and simple

Manage master data centrally — from all systems in a simple interface.

Any business data. Personal data of organizations, product catalogs, warehouses, system users, authorization settings, etc.

Electronic signatures in one place. Setting up and managing signatures: date of issue and expiration, signing rights, certificate status.

XSD schemas transformation and manipulation. Document structure management, change control. Setting up the format transformation for incoming and outgoing documents.

Integration management. Checking availability of every integration channel, their configuration, and status control.

Master Data Management Features

Centralized Data Collection

Implementing a master data management system that collects data from various sources: information about goods (GTIN / EAN codes, OKP, prices, RFID), addresses of warehouses and outlets, contractors, employees, etc.

International Standard

Connecting MDM to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to make data exchange meet the common standards.

Duplication Protection

Setting up automatic data validation according to predefined rules. If there is a data conflict requiring support, errors will be displayed in the management interface.

Less data entry costs

Synchronizing data exchange among systems — you no longer have to either transfer data or correct errors manually.

Transparency of processes

Installing automatic data updates online. Track prices, reconcile conditions and product lines electronically.

Clean data for analytics

Bringing data to one single standard. Reliable data placed in every system will allow you to accurately generate general and local reports on sales, purchases or documents.

How is Master Data management system integrated?

Gathering raw data from disparate systems to create a master data catalog.

Structuring data, clearing duplicates and errors, bringing it to the “gold standard”.

Synchronizing master data catalog with internal systems.

Reconciling new data with master data, then transferring it to other systems.

Implementation options for Master Data Management

Local hosting

In case you are not working with EDI / E-Docs yet or are working with other providers.

We will analyze company's internal infrastructure and flexibly embed master data management system without breaking inhouse processes.

Using CorePlat platform

In case you are already working on CorePlat or with Ediweb ecosystem services.

We will set up master data management on the platform, synchronize data flows with Ediweb ecosystem products and your systems.